Alesis Quadraverb Marshall Shredmaster Fender Deluxe 85 Reverse Reverb Shoegaze Wankery

Demonstration of the reverse reverb sounds available in an Alesis Quadraverb rack unit, running into a Marshall Shredmaster distortion pedal. Trying to achieve similar tones to that of Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. First time I've spoken directly in one of my videos, apologies for being a bit uneven, I'm not used to the idea of talking to an internet "audience"! Playing one of my own songs in a totally made up tuning. It's probably some sort of real tuning but whatever. I feel I should point out this incredibly awesome video, where the sounds of To Here Knows When from Loveless are recreated using an Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man w/Hazari and a Danelectro Overdrive. The guy who made the video really nailed the tone, and he deserves alot of respect for doing so! Check his video out here:


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