Blue Comet Train Recreation on Tomorrow Show, 1 of 4 - Rogers E M Whitaker/Oliver Jenson, 12/25/'75

A segment from the second repeat of a special remote edition of the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder (Dec. 1979). Originally broadcast Dec. 25th, 1975. The event was put on by the East cost organization known as the Main Line Steam Foundation (now defunct). Tom Snyder called this show his "...Most Requested...". This segment features an 1979 introduction, the original 1975 introduction, and interviews with railroad authors Rogers E M Whitaker & Oliver Jenson. Unfortunately the video of the original 1975 introduction has been lost, so a video still of Tom Snyder at the location he was at has been placed over the original audio (which has been restored from the 1975 & 1976 showings).


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